Although visited by thousands of tourists each year, this big Croatian island is still quite undiscovered.

The majority of visitors are young people who go straight to Novalja for a party and don’t move around the island much. But if you are trying to find a vacation destination with the clean sea, peace and the sound of crickets…a bit of culture and good food… but also a place which is not completely „boring“ and where you can find a good party it is the town of Pag
For the beginning let’s talk statistics.

Pag is the island located in the northern part of the Adriatic sea. With its 284,56 km² makes the 5th largest Croatian island. Although there is an island in Croatia called Long Island, Pag is the island with the longest coastline (meaning bunch of gorgeous beaches).

Most of the island is rocky and deprived of any vegetation which makes it one of the most unusual and unique Croatian islands. It is something you will either love or find very unappealing. To me, the white stone, surrounded by dark blue sea and blue skies, is one of the favorite scenes. One of the most exciting things about traveling is trying the local food. And Pag will not disappoint you with its offer. You can eat some of the best lambs on the island and try Pag famous cheese made from the sheep milk. Cheese is hard and salty and goes excellent with the olive oil.One kg will cost you around 40 euros. Not cheap but worth it. Good cheese goes great with some good olive oil, and good olive oil is another thing you can find on island Pag.

If you drive to the most north point of the island, you will get to the small town of Lun. Lun is one of three world locations with the largest number of wild olive trees called Olea Oleaster. Walking down the macadam road between the big olive trees, some of them a thousand years old is a unique experience because each tree is different from another.

Pag lace (Paška čipka) is probably the most recognizable symbol of the city of Pag. In 2010 it entered the UNESCO register by which it became one of the seven immaterial cultural goods from Croatia. The lace is a handmade work made by women of the Pag city which originates from the 15th century. If you visit Pag during the summer carnival, you will also see women in the folk dresses dancing traditional dance „Paško kolo“ on the main square.

If you are looking for nice beaches, Pag got you covered here as well. Depending on your preferences, you can find different types of beaches on the island. For a busy beach, packed with young people and great clubs, you know where to go. Zrće is easy to find as it is near the city of Novalja and on the main road you will see many signs which will show you the way.Or you can just follow where everyone else is going.

Have You ever visited Pag? What did You like the best? What didn’t You like?

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