About Us

The Family Farm Tičić breeds sheep,meat sales,olive growing and tourism. If you are thinking of where to spend your vacation, you are welcome to our small stone house on the island of Pag, away from everyday stress,connecting with nature, landscape and Dalmatian peace. Our goal is to relieve you of stress without modern technology and return you back in time to experience how our old people lived. The house is located on the island of Pag,the place Košljun. The house can accommodate 4 guests and pets at an extra charge. The beds are arranged in the bedroom and living room. For full enjoyment and relaxation, complete privacy is guaranteed in the shade of olives,sheeps and private barbecue on the terrace. Distance to the nearest beach and shop is 1 km in Kosljun and in the town of Pag 7 km. Solar panels provide you with electricity,water is from a well that is not safe to drink,so just for showering or washing dishes. Refrigerator and stove are on gas and outdoor shower with boiler,heated by the sun, provides you with warm water. There is no WiFi or phone because in the time of our ancestors,such a thing did not exist.

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